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 '' Takerents '' helps Landlords & Property Managers to Manage Rental Properties Effortlessly! 

 Residential Property Management

Residential Property

A residential area is a land use in which housing predominates, as opposed to industrial and commercial areas. Housing may vary significantly between, and through, residential areas. These include single-family housing, multi-family residential, or mobile homes.

 Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property

Commercial property (also called commercial real estate, investment or income property) refers to buildings or land intended to generate a profit, either from capital gain or rental income.

 Condominium / Student Housing Property Management

Housing Property

A condominium, usually shortened to condo, is a type of real estate divided into several units that are each separately owned, surrounded by common areas jointly owned.
Ownership usually includes a nonexclusive interest in certain "Common Properties" controlled by the condominium management. Condominium management is usually made up of a board of unit owners who sees to the day-to-day operation of the complex, such as lawn maintenance and snow removal.

 Community Associations Property Management

Associations Property

Non-Profit Housing Providers are groups of volunteers who have formed a housing corporation with its mandate to provide safe, affordable housing for the community.

 Industries We Serve

 Shopping Mall Shop Stores  Industrial
 Social Properties  Non Governmental Organisations
 Shopping Mall Shop Stores
 Non Governmental Organisations
 Social Properties
About Take Rents

 About Take Rents

 About Our Product

Our Product

Takerents is a powerful Online Fixed Property Management Software that allows Landlords and Property Managers to more effectively market, manage and grow their businesses such as Apartment, Residential, Commercial, Student housing, and Community Association property.
At Takerents We create easy-to-use, online-based software that helps small and mid-sized businesses (SME) improve their workflow so they save time and make more money.
This aspect is all about bringing efficiency and accountability in an organisation as far as real estate management is concerned.

 Our Mission

Our Mission

Our vision is to put exceptional quality technology — usually reserved for the largest companies with ample resources — into the hands of small and medium-sized businesses.
As a result, our growth continues to be fueled by very happy and loyal customers.

Our Features

  Our Features

  Lease Management

Full general accounting built in. Unlimited expense and income tracking. Includes key financial reports and graphs covering every aspect of your business.

  Multi Language

Multi Language

Takerents supports almost every language. E.g English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese among others.

  Multi Currency

Multi Currency

Supports every country‘s currency globally and allows users to customize currency and tax percentages such as VAT.

  Documents Drive

Documents Drive

Store important documents, and access them from anywhere at anytime.

  Landlord Portal

Landlord Portal

Provide easy access to financial reporting to owners via a mobile portal.



​​ Keep records of all your suppliers in one place.
Prepare Suppliers agreement as well.

  Rental Applications

Rental Applications

Accept rental applications from your existing tenants especially those who would wish to reactivate lease agreements before expiry.



Manage Expenses.
Property Report.
Lease Report.
View income statement (get to know the difference between your income and expenses).

  Data Security

Data Security

More than 20,000 Landlords and property managers trust Takerents with their data, because we take industry-leading security measures.

  Multiple Users

Multiple Users

Takerents provides the ability for you to add multiple Users/Property Managers to the same account for no additional charge. You can assign roles like "Maintenance" and "Tenant", and permissions are granted accordingly.



Keep records of all your property in one place (unlimited Property register).
Record/invite property managers (someone helping you to manage/monitor your business).
View and respond to tenants complaints.


Create Lease Agreements.
Create Lease Termination Letters.
Create Vacate for non-payment.
Create Proforma and Commercial Invoices.
Manage company records.
Manage tenant records.
View login details in your account.

  Tenant Portal

Tenant Portal

Allows tenants to Submit work orders to track and manage your maintenance.
Keeping both tenants and staff happy and efficient.
Share important notices with tenants and send emails to individuals or groups.

Residents can download their lease or other important documents from their portal, so they won‘t need to call and ask for a copy of them.

Our Features

  Our Advantage

  45% increase in collections

Takerents helps you to bring accountability and efficiency.

  Implement Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting gives you a transparent picture of your properties (investment), helping you make better, more accurate business decisions.

  Improve Resident Services

A robust resident portal allows you to offer enhanced services by making use of new technologies and improved, web-based processes.

  No Term Contract

​​We believe that, once you start using it, our relationship will be for a long time. No need to bind that relation in term contract.

  100% Web-Based Software

No matter where you are in the world, your data is in your finger tips. Log in to the portal from any device at any time.
With cloud hosting, you can grow your capacity within seconds. Sky is the limit.
Always On Latest & Greatest
Stay on cutting edge technologies at all time. Say goodbye to costly & time consuming upgrade or migration project.

  Save Time and Money

An online, always accessible platform helps you fill vacancies faster, with fewer rejections and less turnover. All of this helps boost your cash flow.
Unbeatable Price
99.9% up-time
Free upgrades

 Choose From Affordable Prices For Smart Operations

 Transparent Pricing.

 No Hidden Fees.

 Free Upgrades.

 24/7 Support.

Local Band

  • * Landlord Portal
  • * $20 / Month
  • * Tenant Portal
  • * (1-10 Units)
  • * Document Storage 1 GB
  • * 1 Property

Opening Band

  • * Landlord Portal
  • * $30 / Month
  • * Tenant Portal
  • * (11-50 Units)
  • * Document Storage 3 GB
  • * 1 Property

Studio Band

  • * Landlord Portal
  • * $40 / Month
  • * Tenant Portal
  • * (51-100 Units)
  • * Document Storage 6 GB
  • * 1 Property

Road Band

  • * Landlord Portal
  • * $60 / Month
  • * Tenant Portal
  • * (101-200 Units)
  • * Document Storage 10 GB
  • * 2 Properties

Rock Star

  • * Landlord Portal
  • * $150 / Month
  • * Tenant Portal
  • * (201-300 Units)
  • * Document Storage 20 GB
  • * 3 Properties
Questions & Answers

  Questions & Answers

☆ Who Uses Takerents?

  Owners/Investors, Senior Operators, Regional Managers and Site Personnels. Open All Close All

☆ What Features are in every plan?

☆ How many users/Property Managers can one account have?

☆ How much data does one account accommodate?

☆ Do you charge for trainings-how to use the software?

☆ Are there extra charges for anything?

☆ Can you tell us more about Takerents?

☆ How safe is my data?

☆ Can I back up my data?

☆ Can I Cancel Anytime?

☆ How am I billed?

☆ Can I upgrade my plan?

☆ What type of property does this software support?

☆ Will this software work in other countries?

☆ What is web-based software?

☆ Will the software work on a Mac or Pc?

☆ Do you have an app for the software?

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